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Increase sales by almost 700%

Good quality metadata is proven to result, on average, in sales almost 700% higher than achieved without.

Source: Nielsen BookScan

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No need to negotiate with an indefatigable sales rep. No hidden charges or essential "extras". Just one price:

£4,950 per organisation per year. This includes unlimited imprints, titles and user accounts, as well as free customer support.


Save time

Spend less time entering information

Our Intelligent Form technology, combined with clever linking of data means you spend less time entering or modifying information and more time publishing great books.

Find what you want quickly and easily

No need to fill out a form just to search. Type what you need into the search bar and PUBcomplete is smart enough to work out what type of data you’re looking for. For the most complex queries we have a powerful advanced search facilty.

Save time communicating

No need for unnecessary meetings, phone calls and emails to keep everyone up to date. With PUBcomplete everyone always has the latest information. One authoritative source of data means fewer mistakes.

Save money

Ditch the hardware

As our software lives in the “cloud” you don’t need to maintain a server, install updates or deal with technical issues. You’re busy enough already. PUBcomplete is hosted in the UK in a world class data centre with security and resilience features that you could normally only dream of. Other systems require you to pay for your own server and other infrastructure costing you a great deal of money that is better spent supporting your next bestseller.

Unlimited users at no extra cost

The greatest strength of software like ours is that everyone is kept in the loop. Other systems charge you extra for new users, incentivising you to ration access and limiting their usefulness. Our pricing model is focused on delivering you maximum value for money and that means unlimited user accounts. Don’t accept anything less.

Zero training costs

Many enterprise software providers make the bulk of their revenues from customer support and training. This means they have a strong disincentive to make their software easy to use. Our customer support is completely free (by email) and so it’s in our interests to make our software so intuitive that you never need to ask for help. You don’t need to take a course before you use Facebook, so why should it be different with the software you use for work?

Increase sales

Increase sales by almost 700%

Good quality metadata is proven to result, on average, in sales almost 700% higher than achieved without. Source: Nielsen BookScan.

Give your customers the information they need

The book industry is constantly changing and so are the information needs of retailers. PUBcomplete is one of the few systems that provides detailed metadata on ebooks and other digital products, including Digital Rights Mechanisms (DRM) and usage constraints. Many of our competitors can’t even manage “traditional” items like box-sets and other multi-item products - we can. Retailers can only sell your products if you give them the information they need.

... in the form they want it

Since 2009, most retailers, distributors and wholesalers have wanted to receive information in the ONIX 3.0 message format and that is what we let you send them. Many competing systems are still stuck at the decade old ONIX 2.0 or the only slightly better ONIX 2.1 formats. Give customers what they want and see your sales rocket.

Judge for yourself

Why do our competitors only let you see their products under the strict supervision of a sales rep? We prefer to let our customers experience our software properly before committing - in your real environment with your real data and no one standing over your shoulder.

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